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Marebito, beings of the spiritual world, often end up lost in the present world as wandering spirits, confused and unsure. Some are evil, wishing to harm humans. Others are frightened, simply wishing to return to the spiritual world. There are those, too, who end up living amongst humankind, also known as Tsukumogami. Hyouma is a member of the Saenome clan, those specializing in communing with the Marebito in order to send them back to the spiritual world. Usually, this is done gently, through dialogue.

Theres only one problem. Hyouma hates the Tsukumogami, ever since he experienced a crushing tragedy at their hands.

His brutal and over-the-top methods has prompted his grandfather into sending him away to live with a girl who is tended to by five loyal Tsukumogami. Can he eventually get over his bigotry?



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